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 Rules for HCMC

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PostSubject: Rules for HCMC   Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:10 pm

CFM Settings

  • League Name: HCMC X
  • League Password: N/A -- Invites ONLY
  • 6 Minute Quarters
  • accelerated clock
  • All-Madden Difficulty
  • Injuries: ON, OFF for Preaseason
  • Pre-Existing Injuries: OFF
  • Fatigue: ON
  • Salary Cap: ON
  • Game Speed: Normal
  • Player Progression Frequency: Weekly
  • Coach Firing: OFF
  • Game Play Tuning: Yes (Default Sliders ONLY for now)
  • Trade Deadline: ON (Week 8 Deadline)
  • Trade Type: Human ONLY
  • Relocation Settings: Human ONLY
  • League Type: Coaches ONLY (MUST BE CREATED!!!)

User Setting Defaults (May Be Changed By Users)

  • Auto Strafe: OFF
  • Pre Snap Menu: ON
  • Coaching Tips: OFF
  • Player Names: ON
  • Heat Seeker: OFF
  • Ball Hawk: OFF
  • Switch Assist: OFF
  • Camera Settings: Standard
  • On Field Visual Feedback: OFF
  • Defensive Tackle Indicator: OFF
  • Passing Camera: OFF
  • Kick Aiming Arc: ON
  • Previous Play Information: ON
  • Play Call Button Layout: X, A, Y
  • Camera Toggle: ON
  • Tutorial Popups: OFF
  • Simulate Game Prep Activities: OFF
  • Progress Players: OFF

User Setttings That MAY NOT BE CHANGED

  • Fill Roster: OFF
  • Re-Sign Players: OFF
  • Sign Offseason Free Agents: OFF

These settings must be left off! FA rules are taken seriously here and fill roster may lead to FA violations. Additionally the re-signing/FA settings may break contract length rules.


We advance Mon-Wed-Fro league, at 11:00PM Eastern Time.

We will need active users not only on the XB1 but also right here on the forums. If you can't do any of these then this league is most likely not for you.

Please try and schedule games away before the posted deadline. I have no problem with on occasion having to wait an hour or something, but please be mindful that everyone else in the league is trying to schedule around the posted advance times.

Admins-Also Trade Committee

Commissioner: Doughboy0515
Co-Commissioner: Majestic1juan
Co-Commissioner: primetimecsu
Co-Commissioner:  Riley82]
Co-Commissioner: thePsychoone83 


Any known glitch is NOT ALLOWED WHATSOEVER! If a user is caught cheating or using glitches the owner that participate in the game must report the owner. We do not want unhappy league members! A few example would be:

  • Rocket Catching
  • Nano Blitzing
  • Do not flip the play immediately out of the huddle. Doing so glitches the defense and results in players standing around not doing their man/zone assignments.

This is just a small list of glitches that we do not tolerate. Any recognized glitch in this game is not allowed.

Play Variation

Throughout the game you should be mixing up your play calling. That means that you are not allowed to spam the same plays all throughout the game on either side of the ball. That also means mix up formations and types of plays -- don't only play shotgun, don't only play man or zone coverage on defense, and don't only throw one route to receivers. You're allowed to have game plans, you're allowed to user and you're allowed to have your own tendencies, but don't do the same thing every down on either side of the ball.

Goal Line

You CAN NOT use Goal Line formation (on offense or defense) unless you or your opponent is about 10 yards from scoring in the end zone or within five yards of your own end zone.

Onside Kicks

You can only Onside Kick if you face one of these deficits:

  • Down by 21 points or more
  • Down in the 4th Quarter

Onside Kicking in any other situation is not allowed.

Pre-Snap Player Movement

Defense: You are allowed to manually move ONE player on defense and can't switch to a different player. Please be in mind to stay in your player's area when it comes to moving on defense (eg. FS shouldn't be manually moved all the way down to the line). Stick to your zone! A quick example of this would be if you are supposed to play coverage as the designated play, you should NOT be blitzing. With regards to defensive line, if you are usering a defensive lineman he has to engage the OL in front of him. No looping around 15 yards to mess with the AI.

Special Teams: You may not manually move players on special teams prior to the snap. You may not user players as extra blockers on returns after the snap as well UNLESS these players are already dropped back to block (for example, do not user a linebacker at the line on a punt return back for an extra blocker).

Offense: You may manually move a player, however that player must be set before you hike the ball.

No Huddles/Hurry-Up

  • You may no huddle within 2 minutes of the end of each half, regardless of the score.
  • You may no huddle during the 4th Quarter IF YOU ARE DOWN.
  • You may no huddle anytime down by 21+.


  • Don't milk the clock all game -- chew clock is acceptable in the final 2:00 of the game.
  • When you get a huge lead, run the ball and the clock out.

    • Play sim against the CPU. This means you still follow our rules (i.e. there shouldn't be an 8/8 4th down conversion statistic). Stat padding against the CPU and breaking records is considered grounds for an immediate suspension of the involved players.

Depth Chart

QB -> QB
HB -> HB
WR -> WR
FB - > FB or behind all TEs on depth chart
TE - > TE or behind all FBs on depth chart
LT, RT, RG, LG, C can be used any where on O-Line
DT -> DT, DE
DE -> DT, DE
CB -> CB, FS, SS
FS -> CB, FS, SS
SS -> CB, FS, SS
K -> K
P -> P
KOS -> Either K or P

You may using sub-packages included in playbooks, but specifically subbing in players at illegal positions is not allowed.

Throwing to HB

Your HB should NOT be your leading receiver at all. If that's the case, then you better start fixing your game plan. You shouldn't be throwing to your HB as soon as you hike the ball let alone throwing to your receiver as soon as you hike the ball. If enough evidence shows that you are abusing your HB, consequences will be handed out.

4th Down Rules

You may only go for it on 4th Down during these conditions:

  • You are down by at least 21 points any time.
  • 4th & 1 or 4th & Inches when past the 50 yard line into your opponent's territory. 4 & 2? Oh well, punt it.
  • Down at any time during the 4th quarter.

If you are up by a large margin and you fall into a 4th & 1 eligible situation, punt the ball or kick the field goal, no matter what. Going for it on 4th Down when you're up by a large margin does not show any sportsmanship to your opponent and reflects badly on the league.

Scrambling with the QB

  • Use the pocket, that is what your offensive line is for.
  • Do NOT scramble as soon as you hike all the way to the sideline. PA Rollout does not mean you sprint to the sideline with the QB.

Under no circumstances should your quarterback lead your team in rushing attempts or yards.


Disconnections are a part of EA's recent Madden titles. When a D/C happens, please be civil and inquire with the other opponent -- there are so many ways players can get booted from games (server disconnect, internet outage, power outage, game freezing) so give the opponent the benefit of the doubt at first. If you suspect that the D/C may have been blatant, address an admin immediately.

If a disconnection occurs any time before halftime, the game must be restarted unless it's a blowout by at least 28 points.

If a disconnection occurs after halftime, the scoreboard will decide the outcome. If there is a possibility of a comeback in the 3rd or 4th Quarter (at most 2 possessions), the game should be restarted. If it occurs when one owner is destroying another (eg. score is 34-10 with 3:25 left in the 3rd) and a disconnection occurs the owner has the right to count the game or get a CPU game.

Usually, players can come to a consensus on how they want to handle a D/C. Any person who has continual problems with D/Cs will be addressed.

Please make smart/fair decisions on this and talk with the owner that was disconnected before doing anything drastic. I shouldn't have to implement rulings on disconnects if you guys communicate the issue and make rational decisions on the outcome.

Position Changes

NOTE: Madden does not allow major position changes until the offseason.

You do n
ot need to post or request moving players from left to right (LT/RT, LG/RG, LE/RE, LOLB/ROLB) or vice versa.

The following moves will be approved, but please post so we can keep track of what players have been moved

  • OG and C are interchanegeable
  • OLB and MLB are interchangeable
  • FS and SS are interchangeable
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Rules for HCMC
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