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 Madden 15: War In The Trenches

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Its supaB

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PostSubject: Madden 15: War In The Trenches   Thu Jul 10, 2014 8:59 am


Voiceover provided by Madden NFL 15 Creative Director of Gameplay Rex Dickson.

We’ve added many improvements to your Madden NFL experience this year, but let’s focus on defensive improvements in Madden NFL 15.

With Madden NFL 25, many of you gave us feedback that you felt like you were not in control, and unable to make an impact on every play. That defense simply isn’t fun.

In Madden 15, you’ll deliver on defense with more effective tackling and pass rush tools that put you in control of each play, all from a new perspective.

See your defensive gameplay from an all-new perspective. By pressing left on the D-Pad, you’ll activate the new defensive camera angle, putting you right in the action. To lock on to a specific player using the defensive camera, press right on the D-Pad.

The core of football starts at the line of scrimmage.The addition of War in the Trenches to Madden 25 overhauled the offensive line play by giving offensive linemen the intelligence to work as a team and create an authentic passing pocket.

Now with War in the Trenches 2.0 in Madden 15, we’ve re-designed the defensive side of the ball, giving you the tools to be a constant threat off the edge.

Once the ball is snapped, you only have a few seconds to get to the quarterback, so your jump off the line is very important.

Pull the Right Trigger, perfectly timed with the snap, and you’ll receive a small boost off the line, giving you the advantage over opposing offensive lineman.

But be careful, a poorly timed jump could result in a loss of balance, getting pancaked, or worse, a penalty.

Once you engage with the offensive lineman after the snap, you’ll have a host of new defensive moves at your fingertips to get around a blocker and make a play on the ball carrier. 

Use the Left Stick to steer offensive lineman to close up a quarterback’s scrambling lane, or shift offensive lineman’s weight and set them up for a pass rush move.

When controlling a power defensive lineman like J.J. Watt or Ndamakung Suh, press Square to perform a power move.

Based on the ability of the lineman you’ll see contextual power pass rush moves like rips and bull rushes.

When controlling a speed pass rusher like Jadeveon Clowney or Cameron Wake, press the X button when engaged with a blocker to perform contextual finesse moves like spins and swims.

Knowing the type of pass rusher you are controlling, how to shift the momentum of the offensive lineman, and reading the quarterback will help you set the edge and dominate the War in the Trenches.

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PostSubject: Re: Madden 15: War In The Trenches   Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:28 pm

I see alot of sacks this year
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PostSubject: Re: Madden 15: War In The Trenches   Sun Jul 13, 2014 12:11 am

It almost seems like its going to be sacks or TFL or alot of big plays lol
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PostSubject: Re: Madden 15: War In The Trenches   

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Madden 15: War In The Trenches
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