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 Brady Kiper Jr. Mock Draft 1.0 <Insiders Only>

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Brady Quinn1010

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PostSubject: Brady Kiper Jr. Mock Draft 1.0 <Insiders Only>   Tue Oct 02, 2012 7:58 pm

1. Browns

And the first pick in the 2013 is.... Lol I know exactly who I'm taking but I'm not going to say, but to make it fun lets go with Tim Carter, from the University of Notre Dame. This kid is a game changer and is a stud. He makes any team instantly better and will only get better.
Team Needs - QB WR LG RT DE OLB FS
Pick- QB Tim Carter

2. Bucs

This was a tough one, there were two main things the Bucs need but I'm going to go with Ravonne Winters WR. I wanted to say DT Kameel Brown here, as the bucs need DT's, but I say the bucs excite their fan base by drafting for flash.
Team Needs - WR DT CB MLB
Pick - Ravonne Winters

3. Bears

Bears fans rejoice as they now can draft another gamechanger to their defense in Kameel Brown. As the Bears continue to have offensive woes this year this seems to be more of a age issue than talent, by building up there D in the draft they won't have to worry about offense needing to be good now, as they can continue to develop the players they have now.
Team Needs - DT FS OLINE MLB
Pick - DT Kameel Brown

4. Vikings
Vikings go with Tim Maggitt QB (or maybe Tim Carter?!?!?) This team needs an identity and this is the guy to do it. FAU's QB for three years and he was a Heisman candidate for all 3. You could defenitely go for a safety here SS or FS but with QB talent still on the board you can't pass this up. But you never know...Vikes go for Offense
Team Needs - QB MLB FS SS
Pick - QB Tim Maggitt

5. 49ers
SMH... There are other things the 9ers need here but common Juan gets his dream come true and finally drafts the best CB in a draft Fred Marshall. I wish I could write more and speculate more here but is there really a reason too? (Look for a trade here...maybe?)
Team Needs - QB RG RT CB
Pick - CB Fred Marshall

6. Chargers
This team is not bad they're just not that good, no real superstars stand out so one will be needed. Chargers go and draft stud SS Brett Davis. They need a SS however a OLB is needed an could be taken here, also a DE could make one of the better dlines in the league. Though SS is my bet and you can't go wrong with this guy.
Team Needs - WR G RT DE ROLB SS
Pick - SS Brett Davis

7. Raiders
Lots of highs and lows here. One good LB and one bad, one good wr and a few decent ones. This team has many holes to fill over the next few years to get to the top of the league, lucky for them though the HCMC AFC West is awful. While Carson continues to age, the Raiders attempt to squeeze the productive juices from him pale for another year, and get him some help by drafting WR Marvin Carroll. This kid is good, and can help progress this team down the field. People that can catch will help this team.
Team Needs - -WR/FS/QB
Pick - WR Marvin Carroll

8. Chiefs
An awful lot like the Raiders with highs and lows. Though in the the exact same situation as the Vikings, this team needs a QB over all the other positions. Look for them to take projected second rounder Brice Deboef here early. He's a soild fit for this team but will need to develop his raw talents to be productive. (Also could be Tim Maggitt)
Team Needs - QB TE C DE
Picks - QB Brice Deboef

9. Panthers
This team here made me scratch my head...why are they in the top ten. Theres good players here, but i digress, This team has no DT, doesnt matter if 4 are listed on the roster, there are none. So the Panthers select DT Latwan Smith. This team would be wise to get another first and select another one too as this draft has at least 4 projected stud DT's.
Also not sure if Panthers still have this pick Question
Team Needs - 2 DT LG
Pick - DT Latwan Smith

10. Seahawks
Two years ago I took this team and traded the third overall pick for Aaron Rodgers to a drunk bryan21. Believe me Posh would be wise to do the same, however since we don't have too many drunk trades, or any trades for that matter, Posh will have to settle for drafting a MLB since Farrior is like 40 Shocked I Say he takes best LB in the draft in Anthony Brown. He needs a QB but shit thats what Punters are for.
Team Needs - QB RG MLB CB
Pick - MLB - Anthony Brown

Look for More Videos of prospects coming soon! Will Take Requests!
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Brady Kiper Jr. Mock Draft 1.0 <Insiders Only>
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